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 Twilight Zone Of The Week - The Obsolete Man

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Twilight Zone Of The Week - The Obsolete Man Empty
PostSubject: Twilight Zone Of The Week - The Obsolete Man   Twilight Zone Of The Week - The Obsolete Man EmptyThu Nov 13, 2014 11:24 pm

The Obsolete Man
Season 2, Episode 65

This episode was meant to highlight the dangers of totalitarianism. Wordsworth compares the Chancellor to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and asks "History teaches you nothing, does it?" The chancellor's reply is "On the contrary, history teaches us a great deal." The chancellor then argues that Hitler and Stalin had the right idea, but that their mistake was that they did not push their merciless agenda far enough. The episode is also meant to put emphasis on the importance of art, philosophy, literature, freedom of religion, and free speech in a society (all of which are taken away by the state).

The definition of the character Subaltern means Junior Officer.

Goof - At the beginning, the Subaltern is heard to say, "Wordsworth, Romney, obsolescence," but his lips are not moving.

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Twilight Zone Of The Week - The Obsolete Man
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