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 Superman is a badass

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The Dadalanche
The Dadalanche

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Superman is a badass Empty
PostSubject: Superman is a badass   Superman is a badass EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 4:41 pm

I unearthed my old photo bucket account and will be posting random whatevers I come across. Heres a bunch of panels from DC's 40's Superman newspaper strips,I was reading them online years ago and screencapped what I liked, but DC pulled them offline before I could finish reading them. I think they released it as a collection instead or something.

 photo wantedposter-20.jpg  photo punisher-thomas-jane-4.jpg
 photo superman.jpg  photo newsuperman3.jpg
 photo newsuperman2.jpg  photo newsuperman.jpg
 photo 3d2-13.jpg
 photo jlaxmas-3.jpg  photo 105_2123-8.jpg
 photo 105_2002-20.jpg  photo 105_2123-9.jpg
 photo article-1186570-050D5D0C000005DC-8.jpg

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Superman is a badass
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