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 I Want These

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The Dadalanche
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I Want These Empty
PostSubject: I Want These   I Want These EmptyMon Sep 15, 2014 9:30 pm

Neca toys has a line of figures based on their licenses appearance in old NES games. So they took existing molds and gave them 8 bit repaints, then packaged them in replica NES game boxes. I'm not a toy guy, but these are awesome. I want the Batman and Robocop Very Happy So far the releases are Robocop, Freddy, Jason, and Predator, with Batman coming out this October. Heres vids and pics to appreciate the awesome:

 photo 8bitbat_zpsef321d8e.jpg

 photo 8bitbat2_zpsf538cf45.jpg

 photo 8bitrobo_zps33565966.jpg

 photo 8bitjason_zpsd9f77189.jpg

 photo 8bitbat3_zps68b5be80.jpg

 photo 8bitfreddy_zps9030d98f.jpg

 photo 8bitpred_zps7aeb70f6.jpg
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I Want These
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